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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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9 July - Public Service Announcement

Road rage in Bexley Village Road rage in Bexley Village

We are told Bexley is a low crime borough but if that is the case its reputation has taken a dive in recent days. Not in any way comparable to events in Welling but the video shows that Bexley village is not always peace and tranquility. An extended description of the events may be read on one of the cycling forums. There is also comment from the forum’s editorial team. The failure of Bexleyheath’s police to take the crime seriously is criticised. It sounds all too familiar.

“A car tried to overtake whist we were going past a traffic island. We remonstrated with the driver. The car stopped and the driver and passenger got out and started using very threatening language. They saw me reading the number plate and said “we see you have our number, now we’re effing gonna run you over”. They got back in the car and drove off with wheels spinning and clipped my right hand with a wing mirror which made a loud noise, and they stopped again. The driver came over and punched me to the ground.

The police were called and eventually came. You’d think that it would be easy to locate and prosecute. It turns out that the registered keeper of the car was not using the car that day (he/she was not on the video).”

The precise date of the incident is unknown but is likely to have been around the 1st of June. The police have been unable to trace the assailant. The car registration number is KJ56 HGF and appears to be a 4-door Peugeot 4 series.


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