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Bonkers Blog February 2011

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28 February - Trivial Pursuits

Since breaking the blog into monthly chunks it hasn’t seemed worth reporting anything significant on the last day of the month, by next day it gets hidden away, so I shall let today go marked only by items of near trivia. I sent an email early this morning to my favourite council department about a fast developing pothole at a bus stop. It appeared from nowhere only two weeks ago but was already a sizeable cavity. It was fixed by early afternoon. Trivial it may be but some potholes live on for years.

More trivia can be found in a News Shopper comment column. A number of people were giving their opinion of councillor Craske; “Boris is preserving the budget of the borough’s most incompetent cabinet member and allowing schemes which, if they follow the same path as their predecessors, will be characterised by cringingly high levels of inefficiency wrought by a complete absence of common sense and lack of willingness to answer constituent’s scrutiny“. And ‘John of Sidcup’ rode to Craske’s rescue addressing the writer as Malcolm, i.e. he probably thought it was me. John of Sidcup emailed me eleven months ago in support of Craske and accusing me of something I hadn’t done. When pressed he couldn’t come up with any evidence and then buried his head in the sand. Hey! Maybe it was Craske, it’s the same M.O.

The on-line exchange on the News Shopper site proves that I am not alone in thinking that Craske is a disaster for Bexley and it probably means John H. of Sidcup is still reading this site; if he wasn’t I’m sure he would have forgotten all about me by now. Hello John, how’s it going? You remain the only person who has ever sent me a pro-council comment.

It has been suggested that changing the blog’s default text size yesterday was a mistake because only a small minority of readers had thought it a problem so the default is back to the smaller text size today. If you reset the size yesterday the blog pages may corrupt (dependent on your chosen setting) because of no longer matching file names. Please go back to the ‘Configure’ page and reselect your choice from the corrupted page. That should fix it. No more code fiddling, I promise.

This evening I shall attend the cuts meeting at the Civic Centre. Rumour has it that protesters might be there so I shall be leaving early to ensure a good position. There is unlikely to be a write-up here around midnight as with previous meetings because a group of us are going to a ‘council-of-war’ afterwards.


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