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Bonkers Blog February 2011

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24 February (Part 2) - Press review

Teresa Pearce MP. The Good Philip Read. The BadIn The News Shopper councillor Philip Read (Northumberland Heath) drones on about Erith & Thamesmead MP Teresa Pearce (no I didn’t vote for her, maybe I should have done) missing the vote in the Commons on giving prisoners the vote. “Couldn’t be bothered” is what he said about her along with a complaint about “a wimpy abstention”.

I keep only half an eye on what my MP does but even I know she was engaged by a constituency event and as there was no whip she quite legitimately gave priority to her constituents. Doesn’t Read know anything, like the difference between absence and abstention for example?

Probably it is just a rather obvious example of the low-level lying by Bexley’s councillors that they don’t even think about given the much bigger whoppers that are their stock-in-trade.

OK, here’s the shocking bit… councillor Read had been at an event with Ms. Pearce and should have known exactly what her situation was. Read is just an unscrupulous villain prepared to distort the truth and have it put in the newspaper; not quite up to Craske’s standard, but close.

John Davey. The UglyI like to read the Bexley Chronicle, it comes out monthly and is available fuss-free on the web which is more than you can say for The Shopper. Last month a reader’s letter suggested my own councillor, Dozy Davey (Lesnes Abbey, £9,543) should resign because as Chairman of the Bexley Arts Council he had allowed its website to provide direct links to the Conservative Party’s website. A bit odd certainly and definitely not what you would expect of a publicly funded body, but a resigning issue? It doesn’t exactly compare to the fiddles, cover-ups and lies perpetrated by his mates. It’s more the run of the mill, every day under-handedness we expect from Bexley’s councillors.

This month’s issue has a response from councillor Davey which is an irrelevant diatribe that takes the proverbial out of the writer, a Bexley resident, maybe one of his constituents. Is he taking lessons from Craske? Davy claims that it is OK to link the Arts Council website to the Conservative Party’s because he personally pays for both websites. Oh big deal John! I fund this site entirely out of my own pocket and it costs just under £6 a year. If I hunted around for a cheapskate registrar I could get it down to about three quid. Paying the few pounds a year out of his own pocket and even designing the site himself does not change the principles at all. The fact remains that a council funded body should not be providing support for the Conservative Party and the fact that Davey designs the site himself and pays the hosting company is totally irrelevant; he should not have given in to temptation and subverted the Arts Council website for his own political purposes. Do our councillors have no moral code and no sense of what is right and wrong at all? No, don’t answer that.


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