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Bonkers Blog February 2011

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23 February (Part 2) - Don’t get angry, get even

Say No to MobA man drove through Sidcup late on a Sunday night and pulled over to use a cash machine. He was on his way a minute later but unknown to him he had been filmed by one of Craske’s gestapo wagons and was sent a penalty notice through the post. His offence? A wheel had gone up on the kerb just a bit. Bexley council, unreasonable as ever, said he had parked on the pavement and rejected his appeal. However the Adjudicator at The Parking and Traffic Appeals Service thought otherwise and said he was guilty only of “imprecise driving” and that the offence was “too trivial and too minor” to warrant any action. Another waste of money perpetrated by the liar Craske.

What can be done about the greed of Bexley’s council, their constant incompetence and the poisonous dwarf Craske? One of my correspondents wrote to the Tax Payers’ Alliance which has featured Bexley’s stupidity several times and they encouraged him to organise protest groups outside the Civic Centre. Protests do seem to have had some effect elsewhere and several times recently I have received messages from groups who have organised protests in other towns.

One of these specifically targets gestapo wagons which it calls scameras. They act entirely within the law and even get police approval of their activities beforehand. The stated aim is to ensure the gestapo wagons operate entirely within the law too and to this end they shadow them on motorcycles, with video cameras and the like, from the moment they leave their depot to the moment they return at night. I held off on giving this one publicity while I looked into how legal it all was but it seems OK and has gone off without any trouble in just a handful of towns so far. The group judges Bexley to be among the country’s top authorities when it comes to parking malpractice and thinks we should be next on its list. However it would help get things underway if they knew where the cars are garaged overnight and where their ‘hotspots’ are. The report above suggests Sidcup High Street on a Sunday night may be one and Blackfen Road almost any time certainly is, but where do Bexley’s four scamera cars go at the end of the day? And where are their regular ‘hotspots’? If they can be told, a group of motorcyclists is ready to ensure that Bexley’s gestapo wagons operate safely and within the law.

There is an amusing (?) video at showing how Westminster council put up both turn left and straight ahead notices at a road junction and parked a scamera there to issue fines to drivers who went straight ahead. It’s a nice trick worthy of the purple pygmy himself. If you think the group should target Bexley next we must find out where those cameras are parked overnight and find out where they regularly lurk during the day and allow the NoToMob group to keep a friendly eye on them. It may be a rare chance to get on nearer to even terms with Craske’s evil activities.


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