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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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31 December (Part 3) - The BAFTAs

In a look back at the past year Bonkers presents the Bexley Awards For Tyrannical Activity.

Best Fiction

Councillor Katie Perrior for her rags to riches story of an impoverished single mum who metamorphosed into a high flying businesswoman and media mogul. Link

Best Actor

Councillor Colin Campbell for his superb portrayal of an innocent businessman in a court room drama. Link

Best Supporting Actor

Councillor James Hunt for playing second fiddle to Jasper the dog. Link

Most advanced use of CGI

Councillor Peter Craske for his industry leading exploitation of Car Generated Income. Link

Best short drama

Ex-Mayor Val Clark for her pièce de resistance, the eleven minute public question time. Link

Best fantasy

Councillor Melvin Seymour for his totally incredible production ‘Post dog faeces through the letterbox’. Link

Best Sound Recording

Councillor Linda Bailey for her superb recording of Bexley council’s motto “I can do what I like”. Link

Best Script

The Constitution Committee for its masterful use of language which blocked every hole in a complex plot. Link

Best Direction

Councillor Peter Catterall for his re-imagining of that old favourite, the public library saga. Link

Best Travelogue

Councillor Teresa O’Neill for her exploration of darkest Sussex; ‘Flackley my dear, I do not give a damn’. Link

Best Animation

Councillor Munir Malik for brightly coloured fast moving criticism of every council blockbuster. Link


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