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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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31 December (Part 1) - Bexley is Bonkers and Internet Explorer 9

I took an instant dislike to IE9 when it came out, Googled “IE9 is horrible” and found I was not alone. My particular gripe was the fact that it appeared to display text very slightly smaller and with closer line spacing than its predecessor and rival browsers and the default text size for the Bonkers blog is small enough already. But in typical Microsoft fashion user choice is to be taken away. During 2012 Internet Explorer users will be forced to use the latest browser.

Most Bonkers readers are using IE8 and the site is always tested on that and the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Occasionally Safari and Opera too and they all look the same, but I’ve recently noticed more Internet Explorer 9 problems that must be fixed. Over the holiday weekend adjustments will be made and by the time you read this subtle adjustments will already be in place. Font size and line spacing may become slightly larger. Some things may never be quite right. I have no idea why Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP places the rotating carousel in a higher position than the same browser does on Vista and W7. Someone can’t count pixels and I hope it is not me.

The site will also be changed to accommodate 2012. From tomorrow the blog will begin to lose the frivolity of recent days.


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