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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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30 December (Part 2) - Parking Adjudicator says Bexley is wrong. Again

Last week the Parking Adjudicator reserved his judgment on a case of pavement parking recorded by mobile CCTV in Days Lane, Sidcup. The appellant was supported by Notomob. This afternoon the Adjudicator pronounced judgment and Bexley has been found lacking again. The judgement is the same as that given on 7th December and reported in full on 11th December. As was said at the time, the floodgates are open now and until Bexley appeals anyone should be able to mount the same defence. To appeal with any real chance of success Bexley will need to produce a certificate and, oh dear, the Parking Manager Tina Brooks said she hasn’t got one.


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