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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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24 December - Bexley council’s Christmas gift to Elwyn Bryant

Santa examines the petitionElwyn Bryant is like a kid in Santa’s grotto, he has got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. Bexley council has rejected his 2,200 signature petition out of hand. Thank goodness for that, his plans would have been wrecked if Bexley had suddenly come over all sensible, honest and democratic. It would have been a disastrous start to 2012 if I didn't have a major new reason to castigate Teresa O’Neil and her merry band of reprobates.

Bexley council has rebuked Elwyn for his efforts claiming that he has “chosen to mislead those you have approached to sign” and with school masterly finger wagging, that he has “been told on a number of occasions”.

The petition asked for the revision of contracts to bring them into line with government policy. The council says the existing contracts are legally binding. You would think the government and Eric Pickles would know that there is no way to vary a contract of employment if it were true. All across industry and business employees have their contracts varied but senior Bexley council staff wish to be immune. Perhaps 2,200 residents will condemn Elwyn as the villain of the piece and smile sweetly on a benevolent council; or maybe the entire population will understand Bexley’s self-interested ways even more clearly.

One day Bexley council may learn to play this game more skillfully, as it is they step into every trap that is set for them and slowly but surely their reputation is deservedly trashed. News is travelling fast; I found these comments on the proposal to restrict opening hours at the Charcoal Grill in Bexley more comprehensive and incisive than my own. If you have a minute to spare over the holiday it may repay a look.


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