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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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22 December (Part 2) - An update on Bexley council’s obscene blog

Elwyn Bryant and I have been pursuing differing paths to try to convince Bexleyheath police that covering up Bexley council’s (or their associates’) criminal activities is not a good idea and sooner or later it will come back and bite them.

My efforts seem to have gone around in a circle. On 16th September, Darren Williams, the Deputy Borough Commander, wrote to me to say he would inform me of the result (I’ve had no contact with him since) and this week Borough Commander Stringer told me that my latest email to him had been passed to the Deputy Commander. So three months and back to square one as far as I am concerned. My email to the Chief Superintendent said I felt I should now present a file to Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe in the new year, so that looks like my holiday taken care of.

Elwyn Bryant’s situation is somewhat different to mine. He had his wife’s feelings to consider when Bexley announced to the world that he had been up to homosexual no good in the Civic Centre and for that reason if no other he involved the Victim Support charity. Another difference is that Elwyn was not in any way linked to Bexley council’s malicious use of the Harassment Act to combat “criticism” yet his name was included in the largely inaccurate case papers that formed the malicious prosecution of Olly Cromwell. Elwyn was able to complain that his name was brought into court and possible disrepute for no valid reason. His MP and Under Secretary for Crime and Security, James Brokenshire has been very supportive and between him and Victim Support Bexleyheath police have shown some sign of being half competent. Two recent phone calls to Elwyn and an email of confirmation - not just the non-committal one liners I have received from the Commander. If you can believe them, the case is progressing well and a resolution is not far away. Elwyn will not be counting any chickens.

An interesting fact came out of that recent correspondence, viz. that the crime had not been recorded as a hate crime. Bexleyheath police said it wasn’t. Elwyn corrected them by quoting from the Metropolitan Police code of practice on hate crime. It quite clearly states that it is the victim who defines a hate crime, if Elwyn says it is a hate crime then it is a hate crime. Bexleyheath police either didn’t know that or it is yet another example of their inclination to pervert the cause of justice. Bexley council or their scheming cohorts committed a homosexual hate crime. Let’s not beat around the bush.

Note: The foregoing does not imply that my own MP Teresa Pearce has not been supportive too, but I did not involve her in my most recent correspondence with CS Stringer so it is not appropriate to detail her earlier assistance here. I’m sure if I needed help she would readily offer it.


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