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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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12 December (Part 3) - Olly Cromwell’s court appearance

A bit of a non-event in some ways but interesting nevertheless…

When Olly was last in court it was clear - in fact it was written in the police files - that he was expected to plead guilty. For things he hadn’t done? No way. But that was the prosecution’s excuse for providing no evidence. The District Judge told the prosecution that they must “particularise” Olly’s alleged offences and told them to get it done by today.

In court today was councillor and magistrate Don Massey; obviously he had to agree to stand aside. Bexley council may well be bent but for Massey to hear the case would be a bit too obvious even for them. The proposed solution was that the case should be transferred to the same District Judge who heard the case last time but in the event we never got that far today. Why? Because the prosecution owned up to the fact they had been unable to ‘particularise’ Olly’s offences, in fact the prosecutor didn’t seem to know anything about the case at all. Admitted to not having even read it at one stage. The Judge seems to have the patience of Job as she has allowed the prosecution another week to get their act together, a new date has been set for 21st December.

Olly’s barrister has put in a claim against the prosecutor for wasting his time to the tune of £600. So that’s another bill landed on the taxpayer because Bexley council wants to see bloggers in jail. Actually I think it is me they are really after, I’ll tell you why tomorrow.


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