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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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12 December (Part 1) - Today we may see how many more lies Bexley council can concoct against Olly Cromwell

This morning I am going to hang around Bexley Magistrates Court in the hope of picking up some information about Olly Cromwell’s pre-trial hearing which can be posted here as soon as possible.

There have been a few small developments with the obscene blog saga, the investigation of which has been on off on off and somewhere in between for several months. Chief Superintendent Stringer told me last week that his deputy was dealing with the matter after I sent him a number of ideas for further enquiries. Chief Inspector Gowen who had told all and sundry that Bexley is Bonkers was to be prosecuted sent me a welcome and totally acceptable apology and an offer to discuss the various issues further. I took the opportunity to write, constructively I hope, to explain exactly why I think Bexleyheath police have failed ignominiously in everything they have done so far and accepted the suggestion that further discussions would be a good idea. Although I have serious doubts that there is any such thing as a totally honest policeman (†) one has to cling to the hope that one might occasionally strike lucky.

Anyone particularly interested in the correspondence files should take a look at the Site map. Most of the obscure and boring stuff may be found there.

† If you think that may be an extreme view, ask yourself how many are prepared to ‘shop’ a colleague who is up to no good. I’ve been there and seen what happens to those who don’t toe the line.


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