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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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2 December (Part 1) - Bexley council - making life difficult again

FOI answerIf the GCHQ puzzle aimed at recruiting would-be spies has defeated you, maybe this one from Bexley council will prove easier. It is a response to a Freedom of Information request and refers the questioner to the council’s website which may well be a sensible response if provided in a form that can be clicked on, but not otherwise. This one arrived as an email attachment but with any hot-linking it may once have had disabled.

The recipient sent it to me for decoding but all attempts at cutting and pasting failed and after laboriously typing it out and checking it many times it still results in ‘Page not found’. Maybe it is the latest in Bexley council’s armoury of techniques to frustrate questioning. If anyone manages to decode the link shown in the image I would be very grateful to receive it.

An older technique is to send Microsoft Word documents which require the recipient to have spent a lot of money on software or have greater than average knowledge of Information Technology and to own a compatible piece of hardware. I acknowledge that Bexley council is far from being the only offender but, nevertheless, it’s not an open and transparent approach to democracy.

As reported a few days ago, there is a dearth of Bexley council related news at present. There are a few stories brewing, the juiciest involves deception of the Planning Committee and suppression of a government inspector’s report. Looks like a return to form by Bexley council.

P.S. This competition is now closed. Thanks to detective work by a reader the page is available by clicking here.


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