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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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13 August - The obscene blog. First sign of movement

Letter from Commander StringerThe police nationally appear to be upset with the politicians for implying it was their idea to change the strategy for tackling looters and arsonists, locally our Members of Parliament are far too modest but I cannot help thinking that it is their intervention which has resulted in the first significant sign of movement with the obscene blog investigation.

Today I received a personally signed letter from Borough Commander Stringer to assure me that “the matter is still under investigation”. I am naturally very pleased that the Commander has written a very nice letter but it comes just a week after my MP, Teresa Pearce, and Elwyn Bryant’s MP, James Brokenshire, Minister for Crime and Security, both contacted the Commander having been persuaded that the stalling had gone on long enough. In the circumstances I am going to assume that this is the first time Commander Stringer has become personally involved and that up until now the ‘old school’ at Bexley police may have followed the old rules; ie. look the other way if Bexley council should, in the words of councillor Katie Perrior, “find a way around the law”.

Mr. Bryant received an identical letter from Commander Stringer and is going to write to his MP to thank him for his assistance. I think I shall let Ms. Pearce read my thanks here.


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