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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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2 August - Welcome to Bexley

Buckingham Avenue Buckingham AvenueLast month Bexley council got into trouble with the Parking Adjudicator for fining a motorist who parked on the pavement when the signs encouraged him to do so but failed to mention that it was permissible only in marked bays. In any case the marking on the bays had long since disappeared. The Adjudicator said that in the circumstances "the contravention did not occur" and that it was necessary to ensure that “the bay markings could easily be seen at night by a stranger”. Source : News Shopper, 27 July 2011.

You would think that a ruling like that would make Bexley council mend its ways, but Bexley is not a council that believes the law of the land applies to it; it is carrying on fining motorists regardless.

The photographs are of Buckingham Avenue where a newcomer to Bexley has had an unfortunate encounter with an identical parking sign and just like others before him, felt able to park anywhere on the pavement, there being no mention of bays. Can you see the bays in daylight, let alone at night as demanded by the Adjudicator? Where Bexley’s new resident parked there is a tiny remnant of a white line at one end of the supposed bay, nothing else. Result; a Penalty Notice. Bexley council knows it will lose if the case is appealed, but it tries it on in the hope that some will pay and its coffers will be swollen by what is in effect theft.

Good to see a newcomer to Bexley becoming another blog reader, not so good that Bexley council welcomes him in its trademark fashion.


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