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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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29 April - Planning. Full of surprises

I have just returned from a council planning committee meeting and by the time this goes on line it will be very nearly Royal Wedding Day (hence the slightly premature blog date) but my plan for the day failed to take account of the celebrations and I won’t have time for either TV or computer.

The last time I was involved with a planning application was in 1973 when mine was won only on appeal and my solicitor told me too late in the day that the usual procedure was to cross some palms with silver and save an awful lot of time. Times I hope have changed.

This evening’s meeting was chaired by councillor John Fuller and I suppose the fact he acts in that capacity means the list of allowances I obtained from the council and use on the site must be out of date. Fuller was one of the councillors who rallied round to protect councillor Craske from one of his public lying outbursts so he is probably no more trustworthy than any of his cronies but I cannot deny he handled the planning meeting in a businesslike and fair manner. Having someone in charge of something as sensitive as planning who is happy to do favours for his pals seems potentially dangerous to me but I’m all for giving the benefit of any doubt; this evening he did a good job.

There’s no way I am going to get into debating the rights and wrongs of planning decisions, that probably requires a lifetime of study of the relevant law, so I’m making no comment. Well maybe just this once!

Party divisions were not in evidence which is to be expected (anything else would be worrying) and I saw councillor John Waters (Conservative) speak what I thought were wise words and be immediately backed by councillor Malik (Labour). That was a refreshing change. The only other notable speaker was councillor Michael Slaughter (Longlands, £18,255) and if I hear him tell everyone he has been a councillor for over 30 years even one more time I think I may scream. I wouldn’t mind if he spoke sense but if he ever does I’ve not heard it. Perhaps I’m not the only one that thinks that because his recommendations were roundly rejected.


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