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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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27 April - Thames Innovation Centre Whistleblower 1 : Bexley council nil

I have followed the saga that has unfolded at the Thames Innovation Centre with great interest for it appears to have most of the ingredients of a good crime thriller. No deaths as far as I know but sex, misappropriated money, the police, disappearing suspects and possibly drugs too, all with intriguing Bexley council connections. However I’ve felt it unwise to get into the detail pending an Industrial Tribunal case being brought by the whistleblower who got the sack for her pains. This morning there was a pre-trial hearing in Ashford and I attended the Court as an observer along with Mike Barnbrook, valuable for his experience of the law and experienced campaigner for honesty in politics as a number of convicted MPs and our own ex-council leader Ian Clement are only too well aware.

Needless to say, Bexley council is not happy with the prospect of having their dirty washing hung out for public scrutiny and attempted to have the case thrown out, but they failed. There will be a full trial. Having been privileged to look through some of the evidence and witness statements I am looking forward eagerly to Bexley council’s day before the Adjudicator. There are ten directors at Bexley council’s Thames Innovation Centre and only five employees, did they really fail to notice that something was awry? We shall have to wait for the 28th June which is plenty of time for the cabinet member in charge, Colin Campbell (St. Mary’s, £22,650) to go out and buy a tie, the absence of which makes him so conspicuous at council meetings. Bexley council might not give a damn about maintaining professional standards but it looks like the Court does.


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