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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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16 April (Part 2) - The disabled are buggied in Bexley

Bedonwell School governors and staffWhile councillors spend their time plotting against residents the disabled among us have to get on with their lives as best they can and suffer the cuts the council so readily inflicted. I have been in the habit of reporting the experiences of my disabled friend Carole on Saturdays especially her problem in getting a four year old to and from school on a crowded bus with an eight month old baby in a buggy too. With schools on their Easter break this week there have not been any new problems but correspondence with TfL continues and will be reported here if it ever reaches a conclusion. Councillor Fuller (Lesnes Abbey, £9,543) has not completely lost interest and is still lurking on the sidelines and may yet prove helpful.

What concerns me most is the effect the buses and school have on an impressionable four year old mind. The young lad has always been well behaved in my presence but it is clear that he regards bus drivers as some sort of enemy of his mum. I don’t expect bus drivers to be well versed in child psychology but you would expect school staff and governors to be better informed. When the buses let mother and child down both get sent to the head teacher’s office and made to sign a form with “disabled mum could not get to school on time because of bus trouble”. Then the four year old is made to be a spectacle before his class mates by being taken into class via “the back door”. Goodness knows what a four year old makes of all this humiliation but it could scar him for life. Carole says the Educational Welfare Officer has refused to speak to her. You’d think the head teacher, Ms. Brooks, would know better wouldn’t you?

Finally, for those awaiting the appearance of NoToMob on the streets of Bexley today, they are dividing their time between ‘us’ and Westminster. They will be along shortly.


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