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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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14 April (Part 2) - A taster for things to come

For the benefit of my many new readers I shall regurgitate an old story to illustrate the depths to which Bexley council is prepared to sink to persecute its residents and why so many people have come to believe Bexley council is severely lacking in the honesty and integrity department.

When Bexley council made a false demand against a Bexley taxpayer for £1,250,000, yes you read that right, £1·25 million! Senior High Court Judge Lewison threw their case out in no uncertain terms. The precise words the High Court Judge used to condemn Bexley Council’s conduct was “unconscionable” and that “they had effectively set a trap”. You can read the full judgment here.

“Unconscionable” is very strong language for a High Court Judge and defined in the dictionary as “monstrously extortionate; unscrupulous; having no conscience; irreconcilable with what is right”. Judge Lewison didn’t mince his words did he?

Councillor Colin Campbell, Cabinet Member (St. Mary’s, £22,650) and councillor Nigel Betts (Falconwood & Welling, £13,173) both refused to support an inquiry into which Bexley Council employees were responsible for making this false demand. More recently they have worked together to try to deprive residents of their statutory right to make Freedom of Information requests. This is typical of Bexley council’s attitude to good management and governance and I shall be spelling out a few more recent examples over coming days.

There are a couple more snippets of information to pass on before I close down for the day, The repercussions of Monday’s harassment letter are still rumbling around the net. It is mentioned on the EU referendum forum now and although I think I have replied to all the support emails I have received I would like to offer sincere thanks for all the helpful advice. A very helpful intermediary went to the police on my behalf and I shall report more fully on this tomorrow, not that there is a huge amount to say yet but there may be a sign that common sense is about to break out - on the part of the police anyway; too much to hope for the council too.

During the last week or so Bonkers has been on the receiving end of rumours about Bexley councillors. Bonkers doesn’t deal in rumours so there has been no hint of anything here but since it may now be found on the web I suppose I must give it a link if only not to appear behind the times. The more scurrilous aspects of it I doubt very much but if true are nobody else’s business. On the other hand if the big cabinet row story is true I know whose side I would be on.

The Harassment letter banner has now gone from the blogs for technical reasons and it wasn’t attractive to look at.


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