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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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10 April (Part 1) - Scamera hunting - (The NoToMob call it ‘$chunting’) - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

NoToMob in Walnut Tree RoadAfter finding no scamera cars in Bexleyheath or Welling over three hours yesterday I wondered if they had been scared away from two of their most profitable areas. Later my NoToMob contact told me one had been in Welling until about 08:30 but that was before he got on the scene. I think there is a network of helpful contacts living or working close to favoured scamera sites (the NoToMob jargon is ‘honeypots’) but all of them reported a blank, even Blackfen Road. They were still reporting “no cars” when I spotted the three motorcyclists who had decided to tour the lesser known honeypots after finding three cars missing from the pigpen (more NoToMob jargon). They got lucky in Long Lane but the scamera operator immediately radio’d NSL for instructions and then went on a slow time-wasting tour of residential streets which eventually led to Walnut Tree Road, outside the old Erith Town Hall where there is a bus stop to be watched. (See picture.) At 2:30 they escorted the gestapo wagon back to base and NoToMob left for an appointment in Medway. NSL knew that schunting was to finish at 2:30 and a gestapo wagon went to park outside KFC in Welling immediately afterwards.

There have been more strange anti-motorist activities in other parts of town. Tomorrow Bexley council is increasing parking charges and extending charging periods to all night and Sundays in most car parks. All of that is documented in official documents, but I am told that street parking signs that used to say ‘08.30 to 17:30’ have been augmented by more that say ‘08:30 to 18:30’ - and then a few days later the new signs, but not their poles, were taken away. Such a time extension is not listed in any of the council’s recent price hiking documents so I have no idea why new signs should have gone up and then disappeared. Maybe TLC is due another FOI.


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