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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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2 April (Part 2) - Carole’s battle with TfL and the money grabbing TLC

There is not a lot to say about Carole’s school run this week as her son has been unwell and off school; at least it ensures he gets a decent meal at lunchtime and doesn’t have it taken away by a ‘nutty’ school teacher.

I’m not sure if I said before but Carole is learning to drive, it’s the only complete solution to getting to school reliably and she has already been provided with a Motability vehicle in which she is taking driving lessons. Getting it and a Blue Badge proved to be very simple, however Bexley council knows how to cause a problem. There is a yellow line outside Carole’s house so she has to keep her badge on display. Every day the gestapo man comes down Carole’s cul-de-sac to look at the badge, he must know the car by now, every day it’s the same one outside the same house in a road only 50 yards long. But yesterday the inevitable happened and the Blue Badge had fallen from its normal position so Carole got a parking ticket. A Motability car with the appropriate disability tax disc on the windscreen can go across the Dartford bridge for nothing because the authorities know that Motability cars are by definition for the severely disabled. The same applies to the London congestion zone, but on a yellow line one slip - literally - and councils issue a £100 fine on a vehicle displaying a tax disc only available to the disabled and accepted elsewhere without question.


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