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Bonkers Blog September 2010

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29 September - News update

Last week the News Shopper carried the council’s excuse for four months of traffic delays in Wickham Lane which skirted around the truth to conceal their incompetence but this week the letters page gets to the heart of the matter. Some idiot designed a roundabout that a bus couldn’t navigate. At the weekend I mentioned this latest in a long line of Bexley council fiascos to my friend the Transport Research Laboratory’s senior consultant. He said that they produced some software several years ago (now marketed by Savoy Computing) into which you enter the dimensions of your road junction or roundabout and it will tell you what sort of vehicle can get round it - and vice-versa. “Only an idiot wouldn’t use it”. But unfortunately we are in Bexley and the council is in the grip of idiots.

Everyone’s favourite idiot, councillor Craske, is still intent on penalising residents who need to buy a parking permit. The News Shopper reports the growing list of protest groups. Shouldn’t they be grouping together to stand up against the little tyrant?  I’m not against his basic philosophy that services shouldn’t be subsidised, but only an idiot blindly accepts that administration costs of £249 a permit doesn’t need to be urgently investigated and reduced. Craske treats the council as a gravy train run for the benefit of councillors and senior employees.

The News Shopper also reports that John Watson of Sidcup who requested a reduction in the very high salary paid to the Chief Executive be discussed at the next council meeting has had his request rejected because “under standing orders it cannot debate staff’s salaries even when they are in the public domain”. There was bound to be some excuse trumped up, secrecy is one of the tools of corruption. The News Shopper’s website has today reported how Bromley council is freezing its top executive’s pay at some twenty odd thousand below Bexley’s; and guess which council has the lowest council tax. Not wasteful incompetent mismanaged Bexley that’s for sure.


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