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Bonkers Blog September 2010

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Old Farm

4 September - Scum rises to the top of a fetid pool

Councillor John DaveyI had a phone call this morning to ask why I hadn’t mentioned councillor John Davey’s appointment to the Board of Bexley Care (N.H.S.) Trust and the answer is that I really didn’t think that there was anything exceptional about it. It is the height of naivety to believe that these appointments are not all part of the cosy system of back-slapping and self-enrichment that pervades councils and quangos, but I was wrong to ignore it and my caller was right. That a councillor who says one thing to his constituents and does the opposite on Bexley council committees, and walks away when shown evidence of motorists being ticketed for parking in a ‘prohibited’ place where Bexley council hadn’t bothered to put up signs, is deemed a fit person to sit on the board of anything is alarming but sadly no longer surprising. The press release about the appointment is available on-line.

I expect his expertise in double-talk will come in handy if my experience of the N.H.S. is anything to go by. I’m still waiting for an honest reply from them on why they came to throw me out of A&E to meet their targets. Currently they have lied themselves into the position of having to admit they diagnosed a severe stomach problem but gave me no treatment for it whatever. Eight months on and they are still looking for an explanation but they are good at sending me holding letters to cover the delay. Councillor Davey should feel very much at home in his new sinecure and the £8,000 he will get for it will augment his councillor’s expenses very nicely.


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