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Bonkers Blog September 2010

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3 September - The traffic chaos goes on and on

Six weeks ago reports came in that Wickham Lane was totally disrupted by the installation of a roundabout and I took some photos of the mess that Bexley council had created. Further reports say work has stalled so I drove by twice between 11 a.m and noon today and it’s true. I saw no sign of progress or anyone on site or indications that there may have been activity recently. Nothing! On my return trip I was sixth in line waiting for the lights and when the green came the first three vehicles and the fifth got through, the rest of us had to wait again. If that happens in the middle of the day, it must be every bit as bad in the rush hour as reports suggest. Let’s hope it gets finished quicker than the 18 months and more that it has taken Bexley’s incompetent contract managers to (not quite) finish Abbey Road. “Listening to you, working for you”. What a joke. “Laughing at you, wreaking havoc”; would be nearer the truth.

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