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Bonkers Blog October 2010

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27 October - Dick Turpin rules in Bexley

It’s Wednesday and the on-line News Shopper is once again a rich source of stories about the “mob of nasty evil people” that infest the Civic Centre. The issue of using lie-detectors against single people rumbles on with another case of someone who is being persecuted with unjustified tax demands for having the temerity to be single. Unfortunately I have yet to be challenged this year by the judge jury and executioner which inflicts “as much pain as possible” on residents. Maybe they are scared that all correspondence and phone recordings will immediately go on-line but I shall tip them off about something which may encourage Bexley’s huge team of vindictive morons. I have a friend who lives in Bromley and on just a handful of occasions each year we take a trip out together. Sometimes she has come here in her working clothes with smarter ones packed in a case. Sometimes she has left one set behind and I now have a cupboard with a small selection of female garments on the rail. Some have been there so long that I doubt they fit any more. So come on Bexley council, surely that makes me guilty of tax fiddling?

Only yesterday I voiced my suspicions that Bexley council may be up to new tricks, and very possibly illegal new tricks, in their enforcement of parking regulations. At the site I pictured below a friend of a friend was stopped within the marked bus stop by a driver who made an emergency stop in front of him. He got a ticket for not swerving on to the pavement and killing someone. Today’s News Shopper carries an identical story. There is no justice in Bexley and the council is well deserving of the description “maggots and bags of filth” that appeared in the News Shopper a few months ago. Today’s description is mild by comparison. “Dick Turpin is alive and well in Bexley”.


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