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Bonkers Blog October 2010

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Old Farm

22 October - Cowardly Craske goes to ground

If you have read this blog over several months you will know I am a frequent visitor to the neighbouring borough of Newham and that last month they extended their Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) to the address I visit. The fee imposed on each resident for a permit to park their own car was zero - absolutely nothing, although there was a sting in the tail of the supplied documentation. It said there had been no price increase on any Newham parking services for several years and a review was due in October. That review has now taken place and the new prices are available. A resident’s permit to park will remain free although car park charges will rise. From observation it would appear that most of Newham is covered by CPZs and it’s almost certainly a far bigger operation than poorly managed Bexley’s who spend, if you can believe the fanciful figures that Craske plucked from the air, £783,200 on issuing 3,081 bits of paper. It would be interesting to know comparable figures from Newham. If Newham was a small town in Florida I expect the greedy little expenses king would take an exploratory trip to see how they do it, but because Newham Town Hall is no more than an hour away by public transport I expect he will prefer to bury his head in the sand; for that is what he has done recently. None of the CPZ campaigners I have heard from can get a word out of this useless representative of the people. He has no answers so he has gone to ground big time. From cowardice or shame? Almost certainly the former; shame would be an alien concept to Craske.


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