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Bonkers Blog October 2010

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13 October - Bexley council declares war on single people

One must wonder what the local paper would do for front page headlines if it wasn’t for the twin bogeymen of the NHS Trust and the would-be Nazis of Bexley council. For some months I have been aware that Bexley council has been asking residents who claim the single person’s discount of 25% off their council tax to justify their claim. I have been expecting a questionnaire myself having completed them in some previous years and had them queried. I take the view that I live alone and I am entitled by law to the 25% discount and if Bexley council doubts my word it is up to them to disprove my claim, not for me to prove it. When threatened with having the discount withdrawn I have nothing to fear from a court appearance as there is no way the council could ever show my claim was invalid and I would bring 100 witnesses, including a vicar, a Justice of the Peace, and a couple of O.B.E.s who would testify accordingly. So far Bexley’s gestapo team have always gone silent after I have resisted their threats.

However according to today’s News Shopper they are now tricking single people into telephone interviews to which they attach lie-detector equipment. What chance is there of someone from Bexley council being competent to operate such a machine, which is in any case far from foolproof? They would find it difficult to interview me by phone. Mine, a model unfortunately no longer available, includes the facility to allow the bell to ring only if the number calling is on my list of friends and contacts. For everyone else it remains silent and I review the list of callers every so often and decide whether I want to call them back on my free calls package. There are a few decent people still working at Bexley council but even they are no more likely to be on my phone’s friends’ list than I am of being on our vindictive council’s friends’ list.

It would seem from the newspaper report that after one unfortunate and totally innocent lady was pronounced a liar by the unskilled operator of an inaccurate machine the council hounded her mercilessly with no supporting evidence that they should be even slightly suspicious of her claim. How is it that everything Bexley council does indicates a total lack of common sense? When next you hear them claiming they are “listening to you”, you will know that this trite and dishonest phrase is intended to mask the fact that they are spying on us and recording us in the hope that they can find the slightest excuse to exercise their vindictive and evil practices. With any luck, following the News Shopper’s exposé of Bexley council’s underhand trickery, no more residents will have their lives blighted by the nasty crew who run it.

Whilst I may not be on Bexley’s list of phone friends I may well be on their list of email correspondents. Last week I was sent a confidential document concerning the billing of commercial services that should have gone to a local organisation and was absolutely none of my business.


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