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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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27 November - Bexley council. ‘Courseworks’. Course it doesn’t - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Adult Education - CourseworksIt’s not a lot over four months since every household in the borough was last given one of these extravagant glossy booklets and once again it isn’t only Bexley residents who have received it, we have generously sent it all around Bromley again. It’s right that such information should be available but why can’t it be targeted more accurately and does it really have to be on the best quality paper? I may have ignored it this time but only yesterday I noticed that the very same council department is proposing to seriously curtail library services. So why does the ‘Courseworks’ booklet survive in such an extravagant form?

Maybe it’s because the wheels of bureaucracy grind far too slowly. At the beginning of this month I asked the cost of the ineffective fencing around Lesnes Abbey. The answer is £74,995 which seems quite reasonable compared to the £2,500 I paid just a couple of months ago to replace my own rather more elaborate 90 foot fence. But it remains a waste of money nevertheless. Councillor Gareth Bacon says it was authorised by the previous administration and completed in 2009. Didn’t the Labour lot get kicked out in 2006? Councillor Davey made the same excuse last year about the Abbey Road fiasco; all Labour’s fault apparently.


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