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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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24 November - Queen Mary’s Hospital A&E “changes” - or in Plain English, it closes today

Temporary A&E closure

With impeccable timing a leaflet announcing the ‘Temporary changes at Queen Mary’s’ dropped through my letterbox yesterday evening. It is graced with the emblem of the Plain English Campaign and true enough, it is completely clear; it says the A&E will ‘temporarily close’ and my dictionary defines Temporary as ‘effective for a time only; not permanent’. So that’s OK then, surely there must be a plan for re-opening A&E? Sadly there is not, the health authority’s chief executive, Dr. Streather, admitted as much when questioned by the council’s Health Committee on 21 October. Maybe the leaflet is not so Plain English after all. Maybe no publicly funded executive is capable of telling the whole truth.

The entire six page leaflet may be read with the aid of the scroll bar.


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