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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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21 November - Complaints and Crosses

There isn’t much from me today because I have decided to use my spare time on a letter to Bexley council’s Standards Board. Just because I’ve been told it will be a waste of time because it is rigged in favour of Conservative councillors is not a good reason to accept defeat; and who knows, I may be pleasantly surprised. The basis of my complaint will be that Craske deliberately misled the council and public with his claim that there was no £4m. contract with Parsons Brinckerhoff when the council’s website says there is and he was just playing with words over the subtle difference between a £4m. contract and a contract which may be worth £4m. The fact he rounded off his denial with a personal attack on the resident who raised his concerns about the £4m. will not go unmentioned.

if the council’s postbox gets loaded with complaints about the purple pygmy then so does mine. Within the last couple of days I’ve been told of someone who bought a residents’ parking permit by plastic card without realising the price had doubled and immediately requested a refund. If you do that in a shop the transaction goes back through the card terminal, but not in the supremely well organised Bexley council. They couldn’t do that. It had to be recorded on paper and a cheque had to be sent through the post, at what extra cost goodness only knows.

Another resident gave up on the permit system because she only used hers when driving to the nearest shopping area and local friends which reminds me of my similarly disabled daughter’s complaint. She says that councils rarely say if her blue badge is valid in residents’ bays and without guidance on the web assuming it is is dangerous. Almost needless to say, Newham passes that test and Bexley doesn’t.

Finally, one of these two Craske complainers thought that bringing misery to Bexley was his full time job. It is not as this website will reveal. You would think someone as deeply unpopular as Peter Craske would be a little more careful about what he allows his employer to say about him. “…the Golden Jubilee Bridges which cross the Thames between Waterloo and Charing Cross stations – bridges he crosses every day on the way to and from the office”. Dark winter evenings, a low parapet and all that murky swirling water below. Careful Peter, get that bit removed. You don’t want the 0.92% of the electorate who put a cross against your name at the last election to have to look elsewhere do you?

0.92%. A figure sent to me by a supporter but not checked.


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