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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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20 November - Searching for Justice

This site runs on hand-written html code; I don’t like the imposed uniformity of blogging software and doing it myself allows it to be Google friendly. It takes time but sometimes pays quick dividends. Councillor Philip Read’s diatribe about predominantly black Christians which was on line three hours after he delivered it was indexed by Google six hours later. Try a search for ’Philip Reed Bexley’ and it is top of the list. John Watson followed suit with his site and within forty hours of its launch was on page 5 of Google with a simple ‘Bexley council’ search. Bonkers started life on page 9 before it got to sit under the council’s official site. Three times in the last week people have said to me “Bexley council must really hate/loathe you”. I don’t know; understanding twisted minds is not my forté, but I don’t suppose I have many fans there.

Read’s tirade against the Labour party and religious groups was in my opinion completely out of order, why did the Chairman, councillor and mayor Val Clark not put a stop to it? What is she there for? Why, for that matter did she allow Craske to let rip at a member of the public and choose, if you can believe what is on the council’s own website, to avoid answering his question by pulling a nonsense out of thin air? Whilst I feel he should be made to answer for his outburst I am informed by those in the know that a report to the Standards Board would be a waste of time. Why? Because the council has it totally under its own control.

The soon to be abolished Standards Board for England offers guidance to the effect that local Boards may be formed of a majority of lay-members, people without vested interests, not councillors who will protect their well paid own. Bexley of course ignored that and has a Standards Board which is far from balanced and impartial. I am finding it very hard to find aspects of Bexley council which are wholly honest and not tinged with corruption.

The code of conduct for Bexley councillors says that they must not “bully any person; intimidate or attempt to intimidate any person who is or is likely to be a complainant, witness, or (be) involved in the administration of any investigation or proceedings”. Craske clearly failed that paragraph and them sat stony faced and deep purple from hairline to double chin throughout the meeting’s 150 minutes.


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