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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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15 November - Miscellaneous news and updates

A correction. The letter to Craske about his parking permit flawed arithmetic dated 1st November wasn’t sent until the 5th and I assume re-dated, which means that the ultimatum doesn’t expire until next Friday or even Monday. As of today he hasn’t found the courage to reply.

I’ve realised there is way that the council could kill this website other than by ‘going straight’. That’s to keep me on my telephone hot line all day so I can’t get near a computer. Yesterday an as yet unsubstantiated tale was of a business with a forecourt that has, along with its customers, received more than 1,300 parking penalties. Apparently a gang of Craske’s vultures stand around watching him and wait for vehicles to come over his boundary with the footpath, however briefly, and slap a ticket on it. He is slowly being driven out of business because his customers are afraid to return and I have spoken to one who won’t. This is one of a long line of instances where the council in general and Craske in particular do all they can to damage local businesses - wasn’t it the Bexley Times that recently pointed out that the council handed out very few contracts to local small businesses?

If my informant is correct this particular business has taken legal action against Bexley council. Maybe it is for parking their gestapo permanently outside his premises, but perhaps that is wishful thinking on my part.

I have heard also from a lady who phoned Craske about the hike in her parking permit price but he doesn’t like to talk. She said she didn’t renew hers and made other arrangements. When the council tried to make such arrangements for my road they consulted residents and the general view was that if the council wanted restrictions then it was probably a bad idea. But if the council professes democracy in this area presumably the same democracy would allow the withdrawal of the residents’ zones on request. On Craske’s figures this would save the council a lot of money. In reality of course they won’t do it because CPZ’s are a nice little earner that helps fill the expenses pot. Someone should try calling Craske’s bluff on this one. Offer to save him a lot of money and watch him squirm.

One interesting telephoned suggestion was to set up an “I hate Craske” button on this site which automatically sent Craske an email saying how much he is despised. I’m not sure I want to stoop to that level and I suspect he would ask the IT department to block this site’s IP address. Thanks for the suggestion sir, and sorry to hear he has been attacking you too. If you want to see him in the flesh the meeting at the Civic Centre on Wednesday 17th at 7.30 p.m. should provide an opportunity. You won’t be allowed to speak to him but you can stare and wonder how such a small man can contain so much evil.


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