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Bonkers Blog November 2010

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4 November - Listening to the miscreants

I went to my second council meeting yesterday, a cabinet meeting to discuss the cuts, along with about 15 other Bexley residents. I don’t consider this website to be the place for formal reports of such events, I’ll leave that to Linda Piper to report in the News Shopper or for the council’s own website, but I must say I was totally unimpressed overall.

When I worked for a large multi-national I was never near being on the board, but I was senior enough to sit in on a few meetings and address them occasionally if my area of expertise was under discussion. It’s chalk and cheese. These couple-of-hours-a-week-for-nine-grand-a-year-merchants would be totally out of their league there and most were out of their depth in the council chamber. Councillor Campbell put his case clearly and with a degree of authority but apart from that it was mostly waffle that added nothing but exposed the shortcomings of the speakers. The women (I’ll get into trouble for this) were all abysmal, councillors Perrior and  Bailey in particular couldn’t get beyond heaping praise on the council and agreeing with what the other one said. Top expense claimers too and utterly useless. Councillor Craske (it really is pronounced crass!) spoke about transport issues. The Aunt Sally he had set up so that he could ritually shoot it down and make him appear saintly, was duly shot down. School crossing patrols will not be scrapped and lollypop men and women are saved. I’d not seen Craske in the flesh before and he looked ill to me, his face was the colour of a beetroot throughout. Whether it was the sight of me or the parking permit campaigner in the public gallery I have no idea. Maybe he is always like that but whatever the case I hope he is alright for without him I might run short of idiocies to report.

Councillor Deadman several times expressed his concern for the staff and their jobs and was rewarded with polite nods from other council members and applause from sections of the listening public. Teresa O’Neill who went on public record recently to say reducing councillor numbers was an option, surprise, surprise, did not mention the subject at all. Nor did anyone else.

One thing I was surprised to see is that Chief Executive Will Tuckley actually does exist. I had begun to think he was one of those fictional individuals that some companies use in advertisements. Names that represent the brand with no danger of ever losing them because it is all a charade. No; scrap that idea, these fictional people reply to letters and emails. Tuckley never does that. In fact as I left the meeting I passed a small group that had waylaid Tuckley and I heard enough to know that their complaint was that he hadn’t responded to their enquiries. So that’s good, no one is going to notice when he gets the chop.


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