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Bonkers Blog May 2010

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4 May - I think there may be a local election too

With two days to go I’ve still not managed to find out anything useful about all the local election candidates. I know the names of the three Labour candidates from the only communication I have from them. It is two months old and tells me almost nothing about their plans. I also know the names of the Conservative candidates because they piggy-backed one of the parliamentary leaflets, but what I’d really like to see is the policies of all the candidates. The council website says there are eight candidates in the Lesnes Abbey ward (but doesn’t divulge their parties) and two of those names don’t appear on the main party lists. viz. Nicola Finch and Peter Townsend. Google eventually told me that Nicola represents the BNP but I drew a blank with Peter Townsend.

Mr. H. who told me on 30 April that councillor Craske helped him “overcome some serious problems” has emailed again but failed to let me know the page on which he alleged I had boasted about being cleverer than Craske and instead complained about me replying to his first email. Surely if you don’t want to get involved in a conversation you don’t start one?


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