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Bonkers Blog March 2010

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3 March - I couldn’t have put it better myself

The electioneering has started; a glossy leaflet from Labour’s ‘Lesnes Abbey Action Team’ bearing the slogan ‘What a load of rubbish’ has dropped on to my doormat. And they are not wrong. It is certainly a load of rubbish. Apparently a Labour governed Bexley would “reintroduce weekly refuse collection and a balanced approach to recycling”. Have they forgotten that it is the Labour government that pushed councils into degraded refuse services both directly and indirectly through massively increased taxation on rubbish disposal? I suppose that the constant lying in high places within the Labour party permeates down to every level and it just comes naturally to them. And what does “a balanced approach to recycling” mean anyway?

The leaflet then goes on to say that they will restore the Meals on Wheels service and complains about parking charges, promising to get rid of some altogether. They imply they will increase expenditure on the Abbey ruins and complain about cuts in street cleaning. They don’t actually say they will change those things, so it’s nothing but the smoke and mirrors we’ve come to expect from Labour. The Labour Party has a long and uninterrupted history of believing that all problems are solved by throwing our money at them so maybe they are casting envious eyes back to the days of the 17% tax hikes that they were proud to impose when they last ruled the roost locally. But no; they say that they will freeze council tax. Heaven knows; the Tories in Bexley have been a massive disappointment with their incompetence, corruption and disregard for justice and the law but do we really want to swap that for the same sort of Mickey Mouse economics with which their boss in Downing Street brought this country to its knees?

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