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Bonkers Blog June 2010

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20 June - Bexley council. The complaints keep rolling in

I am getting quite seriously worried about the number of injustices and illegal acts by Bexley council that are reported to me. Yesterday evening I had another left on my answering machine. Unfortunately the message becomes so distorted after the first sentence that I only caught the lady’s name and the words Bexley council and if I heard correctly, a mention of offences against the Data Protection Act. Everything else was so badly corrupted by what I imagine is a mobile telephone connection that I am in the dark as to what it was really about and don’t have a phone number.

At present all I can do here is report the stupidity and law-breaking of Bexley council in the hope that when the list of shameful activity gets big enough someone may see fit to try to curtail it. I haven’t the highest of hopes as the mismanagement and persecution of too many residents has been going on for at least twelve years to my certain knowledge, through administrations of both political persuasions. Legal advice cannot be given except perhaps that two people concerned with parking issues have been in contact to offer help. However their expert advice is already available elsewhere on the web.

Because of the expense of running the site’s telephone contact arrangements I have had to modify the conditions a little.


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