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Bonkers Blog January 2010

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31 January - Bexley is Bonkers tops search engine rankings - click any image for photo gallery (2 images)

Google YahooIt has taken fewer than four months for this site to become the first choice at both Google and Yahoo for searches for ‘Bexley council’. Top that is apart from the council’s own site which is almost certainly top because they use your money to buy that position. Being placed directly beneath the council’s own site means that everyone who Googles for Bexley council has the opportunity to see what a useless bunch of incompetent petty dictators they are. The high ranking presumably explains the steadily rising number of contacts being made. One thing that strikes me about the contacts, sometimes consisting of no more than a handful of words of encouragement, but occasionally including documents and photos, is the almost universal disdain for cretinous Craske, the so called Cabinet Member for Transport, the post that rakes in more than £20k a year in expenses alone.

My labelling of him an obnoxious little twerp seems to have gone down particularly well although in the interest of fairness I must report that someone objected on the grounds that I had failed to provide evidence that he was little. That may well be true although I might claim it was a reference to his intellect. But if that excuse is not accepted I shall have to refer to a publicity shot of all the Conservative councillors standing in a group in which Craske’s presence is not immediately obvious. However a pair of eyes peer over the shoulder of the second shortest woman in the front row and they look as though they could belong to the face that never tires of getting itself into the pages of the News Shopper.


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