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Bonkers Blog January 2010

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28 January - It must be kill a pedestrian month - click any image for photo gallery (2 images)

Near Carrill Way Near Fossington RoadIf you read the Woolwich Road or Penhill Road reports you will see that Bexley council witters on about protecting pedestrians crossing roads which is all very laudable except that their incompetence leads to unforeseen consequences - consequences that their meagre intelligence can’t predict anyway. In Abbey Road their attempts to do the same is resulting in pedestrian injury because the central refuges bring them to within inches of traffic that can only just squeeze by on what carriageway remains after they spent half a million pounds of our money on turning a previously safe road into an accident black spot.

But implementing stupid plans is not enough for Bexley council, they have to implement them badly. Here is the scene in Abbey Road three months after the contractor supposedly finished the job. Unlit pedestrian refuges. So much for Bexley’s vacuous claims to be making things safer for pedestrians. The first of the photographs is at the junction with Carrill Way where there isn’t even an electricity supply and the second by Fossington Road where the danger is compounded by the fact that the nearby street light hasn’t worked all year. Your caring listening council! What a joke; they’d rather risk your life than get off their fat arses.


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