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Bonkers Blog January 2010

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10 January - God help Sidcup

The local news media has been reporting that the obnoxious little twerp, Craske, is planning to spend £1.8 million on traffic improvements for Sidcup. These plans include a reduction in the number of traffic lights. Councillor Peter Craske (cabinet member for transport), as far as we can tell, has no qualifications whatever in road design or safety and has a track record of gullibly accepting everything his incompetent staff put in front of him for signature; the changes to Abbey Road, Belvedere being a recent example. If Craske does for Sidcup what he has done for lower Belvedere then look forward to a year of traffic chaos followed by regular accidents.

I rarely go to Sidcup any more but I do get a report from someone who drives through it twice daily and it claims the situation is much improved after some of the earlier council idiocies were removed, such as the traffic lights it was so keen on in the first place. When, around ten years ago, Bexley council (under an equally stupid Labour administration) first decided to interfere with traffic flow in Sidcup I took my Transport Research Laboratory consultant friend around town for his verdict. I remember his response well. He said “whoever did this was either malicious or incompetent”. I have been able to quote that to a number of Sidcup residents over the years and without exception they have come back to say the verdict was wrong. Those Sidcup residents thought that Bexley council’s road planning department was “malicious and incompetent”. All the evidence points that way.


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