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Bonkers Blog February 2010

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25 February - If at first you don’t succeed… - click any image for photo gallery (3 images)

Van on footpath New sign the right way aroundAs I left home at 7.30 this morning the thought crossed my mind that I should take my camera with me every time I go out which turned out to be somewhat prophetic because as I approached Fossington Road I spotted a van parked across the cycle path and a man up a ladder. As I passed I guessed he might be swapping the cycling signs which as I reported on 17 November last year, several were mirror images of what they should have been. By the time I returned ten minutes later the van had moved on to change the sign opposite Lesnes Abbey but as I got close it drove off to the sign by the junction with Carrill Way. You can see the sign there removed prior to replacement with a new one because I ran home to grab my camera.

Given the narrowness of the road, thanks to the idiocy of Conservative councillor Craske, the man had little option but to park on the pavement while he carried out council orders. If only Bexley council were competent and things got done right the first time we would all be a bit richer. And if only the numbskull Craske had not authorised Andrew Bashford’s flawed case for narrowing the road without engaging what little brain power he possesses, the council might not have to raise £1m. of extra taxes because it claims to have lost out over government Freedom Pass funding.

For the record, on my minimum of two trips a day along this footpath, I have so far this month not seen a cyclist. Councillor Davey said the same.


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