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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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Craske saved

31 December - An end of year round-up

Just a few things need to be updated before the year ends…

It seems that one of our three MPs has seen the false accounting that councillor Craske uses to justify a near tripling of the charge for residents’ parking permits and was sufficiently concerned by it that he too is seeking an explanation from the purple pygmy.

You are probably aware that Bexley council is trying to convince us that it is doing a proper consultation on its proposed programme of cuts and you may remember their planned ‘meet the public’ exercise which was cancelled without notice and followed by excuses that made no sense. All that has since become clear. Apparently the leader got wind of the fact that the audience assembled at the Central Library included someone known to ask awkward questions and since the whole thing was intended to be a sham consultation, the Leader and C.E.O. waited until the audience had gone and turned up a couple of hours later the same day to an audience of no one at all. You think I’m making this up? Think again, the news came in an unguarded moment from Leader Teresa O’Neill herself.

Almost inevitably I must now return to the arch-villain Craske who made irrelevant personal comments about a member of the public in contravention of the standards for councillors. He was absolved of all wrong doing by the Mayor who prejudged the formal hearing and by two Conservative partners-in-crime given the job of judging his behaviour. You didn’t think it would be a democratic process did you?

I was in two minds whether or not to appeal against this abuse of power because the reason given for finding the tyrant innocent was that there was “a correlation” between his unwarranted outburst and the question asked and without the benefit of a photographic memory it was impossible to be sure that there wasn’t a correlation I had failed to pick up on. However within the last few days a summary of the verbal exchanges has appeared on the council’s website (only paragraph 1 is relevant) which shows conclusively there was no correlation whatever between the question and the response. Craske blatantly lied (contrary to his claim, there most definitely is a contract) and I have a letter from the Mayor supporting his lies. Now that the council’s own website confirms Craske’s ill-mannered jibes I have requested a review of the Standards Board’s decision.

Finally it is time to wish readers a Happy New Year and that those of you nursing bruises and broken limbs because of the council’s failure to grit even major cross borough routes, let alone residential streets, will soon recover. Thank you for your support and encouragement, see you next year.


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