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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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9 December - Venture out at your own risk - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Frozen Bexley

Probably this scene is repeated right across the borough. It is my road early this morning nine days after the last snowfall. I do not suffer any disability, of advancing years or anything else, but I dread to think how many less fortunate Bexley residents have been confined to their home by the borough’s neglect of roads and pavements. Someone told me that it was featured on the local television news, the worst the TV company could find.

According to the council’s Contact Centre only 300 of Bexley’s roads are scheduled for gritting, the rest are deliberately left in a dangerous state. The knock-on effect is that we lost the refuse and postal services for a week. And best not to think too much about the complete absence of A&E facilities in the borough! Very nearly the highest tax-raising council in London. Just where does all the money go?

When the Contact Centre man was asked why grit could not be left in bins for residents to use he said it wasn’t Bexley council’s policy. Later on Radio 4 news I heard the relevant minister say that councils should provide grit for residents to use. It seems that it isn’t only on the subject of pay and expenses that Bexley has decided that it knows best.


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