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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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One utterly useless Mayor

The lasting memory of the council meeting on 17th November is always likely to be councillor Craske’s amazing verbal assault on an elderly resident in the public gallery. That is already the subject of an official complaint but hopefully Craske’s outburst will be a one-off - well one can hope! What is perhaps far more worrying is that the Mayor who chaired the meeting did absolutely nothing about it and was flagrantly against the Labour opposition and tolerated long, sometimes irrelevant, speeches by her Conservative cohorts. Councillor Val Clark appeared to be blissfully unaware that she was in the Chair and not the cheer-leader for a Tory rabble. I wrote to Mrs. Clark to express my concern at her complete abdication of the Chairman’s role and just over two weeks later I have heard absolutely nothing in reply.

It appears that others who felt that Mrs. Clark’s chairmanship was abysmal suggested she should undergo some training in the art. This suggestion was ignored by Kevin Fox, Head of Committee Services and Scrutiny at Bexley council when he replied. Neither was there any comment on Craske’s outburst. Naturally Fox’s failure to answer the questions was promptly brought to his attention. His reply was just as ignorant as you might expect from a council official, “I have nothing further to add as I feel I have addressed the points I am able to”. Is this code for ‘I can’t answer your points, more than my job’s worth’ or is this representative of the Listening Council not wanting to listen? As my correspondent said in his reply, “Thank you for taking the time to completely ignore my e-mail. I think it admirably reinforces the points I was making.”

In case anyone should think I am constantly bringing the poor quality of our councillors to attention because of political animosity towards this useless shower, perhaps it is time I owned up and said that the only political party of which I was ever a member is the local Conservatives.


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