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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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5 December - Bexley council. Broken for sure

Four weeks ago, in a footnote to a comment about James Brokenshire and the part closure of Queen Mary’s Hospital I linked to Mr. Elwyn Bryant’s correspondence with the M.P. in which he appeared to be refusing to back Eric Pickles’ efforts to put an end to the local authority gravy train of inflated salaries, over-generous expenses and tax-payer funded waste. It is therefore pleasing to be able to report that Mr. Bryant has been in touch again to say that James Brokenshire has now made it absolutely clear to him that he fully supports all of the Secretary of State’s views on local council fat cats and he will make his position clear in a public statement very soon. It is good to have one of our MPs on side and maybe Bexley council will eventually feel isolated in its defence of fat-cattery.

A month ago I felt that Mr. Brokenshire was being unfairly pilloried (by John Hemming-Clark among others) for the Queen Mary’s fiasco and made a rather half-hearted defence of his position - or should that be predicament? Since then I have looked into the subject a little more deeply and may return to it if I can find a more direct Bexley council angle. Meanwhile I shall merely report that Mr. Bryant spoke of his M.P. very positively and that other correspondents have done the same.


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