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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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3 December - Return of the council Roadshow no show; and a silly cow!

Shitting cow

On 28 November I reported how the council’s leader Teresa O’Neill and her C.E.O. Will Tuckley were supposed to be at a “Roadshow” at the Central Library. It was billed as an opportunity to listen to members of the public, the nuisances who pay their wages, but it was cancelled because, according to their communications officer Mr. Ferry, they didn’t want to meet people that way. From another member of the disappointed audience comes a report originating once again from Mr. Ferry; all nine planned Roadshows are now officially cancelled. I understand that the council Leader went to Thamesmead at 07:30 Wednesday 1st December to hear what the Chamber of Commerce had to say. Members who paid the £15 entrance fee could say their piece - and partake of a rather nice breakfast. But hardly the same as a public meeting is it? Carefully selecting the audience is more likely to secure the ‘right’ answers and a meeting at the Innovation Centre nicely reinforces the stink of corruption. As if there isn’t enough of that down there already.

The number of new contacts made through the website continues to snowball, two by email and one by phone yesterday. I also stumbled across a new website which at first sight doesn’t look as though the owner is the greatest fan of Bexley council. That’s two new anti-Bexley council websites within two weeks. Maybe our bovine council should listen to what that may be telling them. Click the brown cow and be prepared to be amazed at the latest bit of council stupidity.


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