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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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1 December - Blackfen Road. Under siege by Bexley’s gestapo team - click any image for photo gallery (6 images)

Gestapo Wagon SETyres Cars swapping places

When I went along to Blackfen a week ago the gestapo car I had hoped to see drove off just as I arrived, unlucky because I had been told it was there most of the time so I went back for another look and sure enough there it was doing exactly what the local traders are so annoyed about.

There are only seven parking spaces in the road and no car park now that the council have sold it to a private buyer, so it’s 40 pence for a quick half hour shop. The premises on the north side of the road are blessed with their own forecourts which should make things easier but instead they provide a trap. The tyre fitters is the primary example of how it works.

Cars have to enter in a forwards direction, to do otherwise would fill the work place full of fumes; and then there is the wheel tracking rig to be considered. There is room for one car to be waiting off road for a fitting bay to become free but when the first car is ready to leave the one behind must shuffle backwards into the busy road adjacent to a junction. So it’s not the easiest of manoeuvres and depending on circumstances it can take a little while to safely accomplish. To minimise the danger it is tempting to not retreat fully into the road and that is when councillor Craske’s vindictive and nasty nature comes into play. His cameras are trained on that access to SETyres almost permanently. Stop on it even for a moment and you get a fine in the post. Police advice is that it cannot be parking, it is just a legitimate driving manoeuvre, but when did Craske ever bother himself with what the law might say?

In the eleven months of 2010 close to 1,400 SETyre customers are known to have received a parking ticket for momentarily stopping on the pavement crossover in preference to holding up the traffic passing along the road. SETyres have begun legal proceedings against Bexley council and who can blame them, they have a business to run and people to keep from the dole queue. Does Craske and the rest of the talentless crew in charge at the Civic Centre care? No they don’t, their expenses pot is their only priority.

Blackfen Road has been given a permanent page under the Roads index with a different selection of photographs and text. SETyres’ head office have given permission for their premises to be featured here.

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