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Bonkers Blog August 2010

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20 August - Abbey Road claims another victim - click any image for photo gallery (5 images)

Accident on Abbey Road Victim taken to hospitalI was returning on foot from a bit of shopping this afternoon when I saw a young boy cross Abbey Road using the refuge opposite Carrill Way; the one that has remained unlit since the road was turned into an accident black-spot last year. He misjudged the speed of a passing car and was lucky to survive unscathed. Well not entirely unscathed, he got a good telling off from his mother and since the lad couldn’t have been any more than three I was inclined to think it wasn’t him who needed the talking to. I’d not been home for more than 15 minutes (it was 5 p.m.) and I heard rather too many emergency sirens for comfort and sure enough, this time there had been an accident.

It was obvious to anyone with more than half a brain that there were going to be accidents on Abbey Road once the recovery space for drivers to take avoiding action had been removed by the numbskulls who run Bexley council. I asked a Transport Research Laboratory consultant to take a look and he confirmed it. Today’s incident was a text book example of the accuracy of his prediction. Quite recently I said it was inevitable after seeing near misses during the Easter school holidays.

Fortunately the young girl who I believe came off her bike in front of a car (a policeman’s initial verdict, not mine) will live to tell the tale. Meanwhile Andrew Bashford and councillors John Davey and Peter Craske will be basking in the praise heaped on them by the cycling lobby on whom they wasted half a million pounds of our money. The bloody scars on the road are a small price to pay for political correctness.

As is always the case with accidents a small crowd gathered to watch events unfold and there was just one topic of conversation. The speeding traffic and the fact that Bexley council made things worse through their ineptitude.

For absolute accuracy I should add that councillor Davey thought narrowing the road to benefit cyclists was a silly idea but despite being the vice-Chairman of a Transport Sub-Committee he nodded it through to please fellow politicians and thereby proved himself to be two-faced and in his own small way, corrupt.

Note. The cars shown in these photographs were not involved in the accident.


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