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Bonkers Blog August 2010

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10 August - You can’t believe what Bexley council publishes in its magazine - click any image for uncropped version

Fencing out dangerous motorcycles Fly-tippingA report in the Erith and Thamesmead Chronicle made me dig out the Summer issue Bexley magazine first commented upon on 30th June for the dubious claims made for the fencing placed around parks. “The new fencing has eradicated the problem” of motorcycling in parks according to the fantasist who masterminded the expensive assault on the wheel-chair bound. Anyone who lives close to the park will tell you this is the worst year for motorcycle invasion for as long as can be remembered. The noise of badly silenced bikes is heard almost daily.

The Chronicle highlights more magazine misinformation; that dumping rubbish on private ground is punishable by a £50,000 fine. It reports that when a couple in Welling tried to get something done about fly-tipping in their private back alley, even identifying the culprit, Bexley council “did not want to have anything to do with it”. When councillor John Waters (Danson Park ward) became involved he also washed his hands of the matter. A council spokesman said “The article in the magazine is not incorrect” which is tantamount to the council spokesman calling John Waters a liar but despite what the Bexley magazine might say, that their website repeats, and their spokesman parrots, an examination of the Environment Agency’s website and a number of anti-litter websites reveals that it is councillor John Waters who tells the truth and the council’s magazine and website which are wrong. How does Bexley manage to attract so many incompetents to its midst? The Erith Chronicle devotes a page to the number of Bexley snouts which are stuck deeply into the tax-payer filled trough and the massive pay increases they have recently awarded themselves. So that’s how they do it. Rich rewards for total incompetence and the occasional bit of corruption thrown in for good measure.


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