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Bonkers Blog August 2010

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7 August - Bexley council - park vandals - click any image for photo gallery (4 images)

Dying tree Water hole blocked Dead treeBexley’s parks usually get favourable comment from me (except when their ‘Chief Works Officer’ implied I was a racist for suggesting that the foreign language signposts - since removed - were discriminatory) but things have gone badly wrong in recent weeks. The young trees in Lesnes Abbey park which the council have nurtured and protected from the vandals at some expense have all been allowed to wither for lack of water. The irrigation system has fallen into disuse and after a few weeks without significant rainfall the trees have withered and probably died. Bexley’s vandalism has been worse than that of the nocturnal visitors. Never mind, it’s only your money they have wasted.

The larger photos provide a clearer view.


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