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Bonkers Blog April 2010

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29 April - Councillor Craske. Newspaper report confirms reputation for being an evil bastard

Councillor Peter Craske.This week’s News Shopper contains the perfect illustration of the sheer wickedness of Bexley council staff and the evil little runt, councillor Craske. It would seem that Mr. Felix Akele from Northumberland Heath was misled by Bexley council into thinking that any contractor could lower the kerb outside his house after he obtained permission to have a pavement crossover installed. In fact, Bexley council insists on the contractor being one they have approved but that wasn’t made clear to Mr. Akele. So he hired a contractor to do the job for £600. This may or may not have been Mr. Akele’s fault but whoever was to blame the solution was obvious. Get an approved contractor to strip out the allegedly substandard work and replace it with something more to Craske’s liking. The work involved would be the same as working from a ‘clean slate’, less perhaps if the original job wasn’t good enough and came apart easily. But such a solution does nothing to assuage Craske’s rage and constant need to throw his weight around. Perhaps he has read too many history books about Germany’s S.S.

Craske’s solution was to restore the pavement to its original condition and charge Mr. Akele £550 when any sensible public servant, even one with his snout in the expenses trough to the tune of £22k a year, would have spent that £550 on modifying the work already done to create a crossover that met the council’s standards.

Craske; you really are a stupid little man. How much damage has your idiocy done to the Conservative party a week before the election?


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