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Bonkers Blog April 2010

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26 April - At last; another sign that there is an election due - click image for a Conservative election address (600KB of images)

Councillor John DaveyI’d expected to see more election literature through my letterbox by now; a neighbour received an A3 sized leaflet from Labour but a copy didn’t reach me and I have had to wait to see anything other than the criticism of local council tax increases and recycling policies from Labour’s parliamentary candidate delivered to me on 3rd March. Bexley’s Conservative council, blessed as it has been with incompetents and criminals should be an easy target for Labour’s prospective M.P. but to not mention national matters was idiotic.

Today’s Conservative election leaflet looks to me a very much more professional affair than Labour’s effort, saying and claiming all the things you might expect in defence of Bexley council but naturally omitting their failures, their assault on motorists, their tax-payer funded meals for girlfriends and expenses for long absent councillors. What really spoils it for me is the fact that it is “promoted” by councillor John Davey, the man who said Bexley’s road planning was “bonkers” but as vice-chairman of the Traffic Scrutiny Committee does nothing to stop the crazy schemes. And then there is the fact that he stood idly by when parking fines were levied in circumstances he knew to be dishonest, misleading and almost certainly illegal. When you know the man is as useless and unscrupulous as that you just can’t vote for him can you?

You can see the Conservative’s lavish A3 double-sided leaflet by clicking on the image and for completeness and balance I have belatedly put the whole of the Labour party’s leaflet on line too; previously only the first page was available. They haven’t even named the constituency, what did they think they were playing at? There are other Labour leaflets in circulation but that party has a long-standing habit of ignoring my letterbox, possibly because it is at the end of a cul-de-sac and represents too long a walk for them.


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